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Educate. Empower. Entertain.

Members of The Syndicut are hand selected and coached in the areas of songwriting, performance, branding, marketing, market/audience development, social media/digital marketing strategies, financial planning and the business skills needed to navigate today's music industry equipping you with what you need to achieve success as a sustainable music business entrepreneur.

There are many wonderful resources available to help navigate the music industry and most of them function like
a map...they provide all the possible destinations and all the roads that lead to them.


But one is often left wondering which destination is actually best for me? What is the most efficient road to get there? And how long will this trip take? And of much will this cost?


The Syndicut is like a personal built in GPS...we assess all your options and resources, do a deep dive into what success (your destination) means to you and then plot out a course from there. We plug in your destination, map out the most affordable and efficient route for you and most importantly, guide you one on one every step of the way.
Turn right! Turn left! Danger ahead! Fuel station in 5 get the idea. You, the music creator, are the engine and the driver powering the journey and The Syndicut is your personal guide on that journey saving you valuable time and money avoiding endless wrong turns and unnecessary detours.

Stay focused and on track meeting all your goals toward success with The Syndicut.


Support. Guidance. Belonging.

And most of all...validation that you and your music matter.



  • Personalized artist/writer development plan

  • Weekly meetings to keep you on track

  • Once a month member meeting

  • Opportunities for publishing and pitching services

  • Opportunities for educational pro co-writes​

  • Label distribution opportunities

  • Access to A&R label services

  • Discounts on Workshops, Song Camps & Online Courses

  • Month to month basis, no contracts, join at any time, unsubscribe at any time​



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