The Syndicut Songwriter Retreat

NEXT RETREAT: May 26-28, 2023

An intensive and uplifting weekend retreat for indie artists & songwriters looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves as music creators and more knowledge on how to build a sustainable career in today's music industry.

Master classes, critique sessions, recording opportunities & performances in the beautiful country setting of

Willow Sound Studio in Russell, ON.



Willow Sound Studio

Enjoy the peaceful tranquility of a country setting in the quaint village of Russell. Acres of heritage trees, gardens and a wading pond beckon you with the sounds of a waterfall to inspire connection to nature and the creator within.


Tara Shannon

With decades of professional music industry experience, Tara will facilitate your weekend experience. From the craft of songwriting to business fundamentals, her compassion and real world understanding of what it takes to make a living with your music will shore you up and inspire you to live your best life as a music creator. 

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Immersive & Holistic


Explore a deeper connection with self, learn effective self care strategies and find balance as a music creator. Gain a better understanding of how music fits into your life and valuable insight on how to establish a steady income stream from your music in a sustainable and healthy way.


Unique & Memorable

Catered organic meals, campfire guitar pulls, co-writes, concert in the village and more. Make lasting memories and life long connections while building your network with other music creators. And most importantly - take time for you.

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