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The Syn Wagon Podcast

Listen to The Syn Wagon Podcast now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to The Syn Wagon - a podcast to empower music creators in becoming
successful entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Jessica Pearson, each episode she'll be joined by two industry boss ladies,

Sam Stone (Artist and Coach) and Tara Shannon (Artist, Entrepreneur, and CEO of Willow Sound Records).

Music is an ever evolving industry where artists are no longer solely music creators, but are also expected to be booking agents, social media managers, content creators, bookkeepers, publishers and EVERYTHING!

That's why the Syndicut has launched, The Syn Wagon Podcast, a podcast for the Musicpreneur. 


Each episode we pour ourselves a drink - might be a coffee day, might be a wine day - and share our experiences and knowledge on a variety of topics ranging from developing a single release strategy to discussions on how to stay physically and mentally healthy in this industry.

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The Syn Wagon Podcast
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